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Ann’s Foot Care Services offer a wide range of treatments to help with your foot complaints. I provide my services to those in Hornchurch, Romford, Upminster and Gidea Park, all while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Having qualified from the SMAE Institute with a diploma in foot health, I am a member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals and have a membership for both the Association and College of Foot Health Professionals.

Many underestimate the daily stress we put on our feet and foot care services help to improve your quality of life. Comfortable feet, increase the overall health of the body. Feet are very much taken for granted, and so it is better to take care of them before any potential problems arise. This is particularly important as we get older as nails become more brittle and harder, skin and cushioning becomes thinner, and other underlying health conditions can lead to foot problems. This is where a foot health professional comes in.



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My Foot Care Services

As a foot health professional I am qualified to provide a service to treat many various foot conditions. These vary from carefully trimming the nails to treating fungal infections, corns, calluses, and more.

See a full list of the foot care services below.

Keeping your toenails clipped not only keeps your toes looking good, but can also prevent other foot conditions. An issue that can arise from not cutting toenails correctly is an ingrown toenail. Also, letting your toenails get too long can cause discomfort as they can rub on footwear.

As we get older keeping toenails trimmed can become extremely difficult and a struggle. If you find it hard to reach your feet, or just want to ensure your nails and feet are kept healthy, call me today and book an appointment.

I recommend ensuring toenails are trimmed every six to eight weeks, but I will adjust this timescale due to a specific client needs.  

A corn is an area of hard skin and can be found on the bony parts of the foot, between the toes, or in clusters on load bearing areas. Corns can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Ensuring corns are removed before they get too bad saves a lot of future treatment and debilitation. Corn treatment and foot corn removal aims to reduce the pain, and restore skin and foot function.

As we get older keeping toenails trimmed can become extremely difficult and a struggle. If you find it hard to reach your feet, or just want to ensure your nails and feet are kept healthy, call me today and book an appointment.

I recommend ensuring toenails are trimmed every six to eight weeks, but I will adjust this timescale due to a specific client needs.  

A callus is an area of hard, thickened skin which is found predominantly on the balls, sides and heels of the feet. If left untreated it becomes very painful, and can affect your walking ability.

Calluses are caused by continual excessive friction and pressure and can be on your foot for long periods of time. Callus can look unsightly but are generally not harmful. If left untreated they can cause other foot conditions. A callus removal service is therefore recommended and advantageous to restore normal foot and skin function.

Hard skin can also lead to cracked heels which is a very common foot problem. Usually cracked heels are just unattractive and become a nuisance, but if left to become progressively worse can become very sore, potentially starting to bleed which could allow for infection to get in.

Advice can be given to prevent the recurrence and relieve discomfort.

Contact me today and book an appointment if you feel you have callus which you need removed.

Verrucas are found on the soles of the feet. Presenting as an area of hard skin or lump that has a black centre, sometimes in the form of a cluster of dots. They are created by a virus, commonly picked up at swimming pools or communal showers. Usually verrucas can be found on children’s, and adults’ feet alike.

They can become uncomfortable when walking, giving the feeling of treading on a pin.  I will give advice on the best course of action to take.

Contact me today if you feel you may require verruca treatment, and book an appointment.

Fungal nail is treated by cutting and thinning of the nail, just like a thickened nail, before proprietary remedies can be applied. Eradicating this condition can take many, many, months.

It can cause no other issues other than the appearance, but treating it as soon as possible can prevent it from spreading to other nails. Advice will be given on how to stop the spread of a fungal infection to other areas of the feet.

If you feel you may have a fungal nail infection, book an appointment with me today.

An ingrown toenail is commonly seen on the big toe (hallux) where a part or a piece of the nail works its way down into the skin at the side of the nail. Discomfort ranges from mild swelling and pain to extreme pain, throbbing and infection.

This condition is generally caused by poor and incorrect cutting of the nail, or constant pressure from poor fitting footwear. If acted upon at an early stage, the offending part of the nail needs to be removed and the toe dressed. Hopefully this will resolve the issue but, if it has become more involved it may need referral.

If you feel you may have an ingrown toenail contact me today and book an appointment.

If you have diabetes it is vitally important that you look after your feet. As diabetes can limit the blood supply to your feet, this can lead to a loss of feeling. Due to the loss of feeling it can be difficult to know if your feet are in pain, to a point where you are unaware if your foot is injured. This is called diabetic nephropathy.

There are several common foot related problems to look out for when you have diabetes. These include, calluses & hard skin, corns and fungal nail infections, among others. View more about diabetic foot care here.

As the name suggests this is where the toenail thickens. This is commonly found on the big toe as a result of previous trauma, ill fitting footwear , poor circulation in the elderly or a fungal infection. This leads to the cutting of the thickened nail becoming extremely difficult.

In all cases the nail needs to be cut down and thinned. This keeps discomfort of the nail limited and reduces rubbing of the toenail on shoes, but it will require regular maintenance.

If you are in need of thick toenail treatment at home and you are experiencing discomfort, book an appointment today.

What is a foot health professional?

Quite often a foot health professional or practitioner is confused with a chiropodist or podiatrist. They are not the same profession. The main difference is that chiropodody services and podiatrists can prescribe medication and can provide more specialist treatment, such as if an anaesthetic, if required. 

Foot health practitioners are qualified to carry out all essential foot care services including diabetic foot care.

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benefits of foot care services

Reduced Pain

Reducing the pain you may feel in your feet helps you to be able to function at your best, by allowing you to stand and walk comfortably.

Improved Mobility

Feet work hard, walking many thousands of miles in a lifetime, while taking the entire weight of your body. Keeping your feet healthy by caring for them and alleviating common foot problems leads to improved mobility and functioning.

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Healthy Nails

Having healthy nails can prevent many other foot complaints, but having healthy toenails keeps them looking nice and boosts your self esteem.

Foot Care Consultation

£32 per visit

Each consultation will assess the overall health of your feet and outline and treat as necessary.

Multi Booking Offer

If you require two consultations from one location I offer a 10% discount on bookings. 

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