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If you have diabetes it is vitally important that you look after your feet. As diabetes can limit the blood supply to your feet, this can lead to a loss of feeling. Due to the loss of feeling it can be difficult to know if your feet are in pain, to a point where you are unaware if your foot is injured. This is called diabetic nephropathy.

There are several common foot related problems to look out for when you have diabetes. These include, calluses & hard skin, corns and fungal nail infections, among others. There are some precautions you can take if you have diabetes when it comes to foot care, such as:

Give up smoking

Trying to give up smoking as this increases your blood sugar levels, as it can make your body more resistant to insulin.

check feet regularly

Checking your feet on a regular basis can help prevent any foot conditions getting worse and enable you to spot any issues early.

eat healthy

A healthy diet can reduce potential diabetes related problems as a poor diet causes obesity which is one of the largest causes of diabetes.

correct footwear

Wearing the correct, well fitting footwear will reduce the amount of other foot issues which may go unnoticed.

moisturise feet

Keeping your feet moisturised can reduce the potential of other foot issues like hard skin and cracked heels.

increase blood flow

keeping blood flow running to your feet by wiggling toes and keeping your feet up when sitting down.

If you have diabetes and are in need of diabetic foot care services, contact me today.

Foot Care Consultation

£32 per visit

Each consultation will assess the overall health of your feet and outline and treat as necessary.

Multi Booking Offer

If you require two consultations from one location I offer a 10% discount on bookings.