Callus & Hard skin Removal

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A callus is an area of hard, thickened skin which is found predominantly on the balls, sides and heels of the feet. If left untreated it becomes very painful, and can affect your walking ability.

Calluses are caused by continual excessive friction and pressure and can be on your foot for long periods of time. Callus can look unsightly but are generally not harmful. If left untreated they can cause other foot conditions. A callus removal service is therefore recommended and advantageous to restore normal foot and skin function.

Hard skin can also lead to cracked heels which is a very common foot problem. Usually cracked heels are just unattractive and become a nuisance, but if left to become progressively worse can become very sore, potentially starting to bleed which could allow for infection to get in.

Advice can be given to prevent the recurrence and relieve discomfort.

Contact me today and book an appointment if you feel you have callus which you need removed.

Foot Care Consultation

£32 per visit

Each consultation will assess the overall health of your feet and outline and treat as necessary.

Multi Booking Offer

If you require two consultations from one location I offer a 10% discount on bookings.