Corn removal & Treatment

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A corn is an area of hard skin and can be found on the bony parts of the foot, between the toes, or in clusters on load bearing areas. Corns can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Ensuring corns are removed before they get too bad saves a lot of future treatment and debilitation. Corn treatment and foot corn removal aims to reduce the pain, and restore skin and foot function.

Types of corns

Hard Corn

Usually hard corns appear on the bony areas of the foot and normally yellowish in appearance.

Soft Corn

Soft corns are found between the toes, appear soggy, and show a defined indented centre.

Seed Corn

Seed corns are what usually appear in clusters around load bearing areas of the foot.

Fibrous Corn

Fibrous corns also appear on load bearing areas of the foot but have usually been present for a substantial period of time.

Vascular & Neurovascular corns

Often mistaken for other conditions such as a verruca, these corns have in fact extended into deeper tissue.

If you are in discomfort or not and believe you may have a corn, contact me today and book an appointment. and prevent the condition from getting worse. 

Foot Care Consultation

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Each consultation will assess the overall health of your feet and outline and treat as necessary.

Multi Booking Offer

If you require two consultations from one location I offer a 10% discount on bookings.